Listing computers of a WinNT-Domain

Dirk Hagemann usenet at
Thu Nov 6 15:13:16 CET 2003

Hi Michael!

I have "domain-admin"-rights (I can see the computers in the
server-manager GUI).
This domain is exactly like the other domains, BUT it is much BIGGER
than the others.
As far as I found out meanwhile it seems as if my script is fully ok,
but because of the size of this domain, I don't get all elements. I
found out that my list of elements has exactly 4000 entries;
coincidence??? It looks like this object simply gets just the first
4000 elements.

Now I seem to have 2 possibilities:
1.: find out how to get the other elements on this way
2.: find another appropriate way to list all computer-accounts of this

At the moment I try to find some Microsoft-Tools which I can run from


"Michel Claveau/Hamster" < at> wrote in message news:<bod2f7$qeo$1 at>...
> Hi !
> Windows pb, not Python.
> This domain :
>     - is with AD ?
>     - same protocol ?
>     - same rights ?
>     - connected like Administrator ?
>     - some services are disactived ?
>     - have you try with WMI ?
>     - have you try on the server primary server domain ?
>     - etc.
>     - etc.
> Good courage...
> @-salutations  an   *sorry for my bad english*

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