python a bust?

Michele Simionato mis6 at
Sat Nov 15 08:01:58 CET 2003

"Brandon J. Van Every" <try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at> wrote in message news:<bp41p3$1kn97i$1 at>...
> The ugly truth of high is it's 1/3 technology and 2/3 marketing.  If
> you believe otherwise, then you haven't had Intel or Microsoft hand you your
> ass yet.

Actually I do think technology is by far the *less* important think, when
you look at the reasons behind the decisions of most firms. 

I don't think a new logo will help a lot in making Python more "respectable",
but even if it help a bit, making Python more "visible", it would be okay.

What I think is a significate step in the right direction is the 
fact that now Python 2.3 is being shipped will all the new OS X 
Macintosh boxes. That's something.
If we could have Python shipping with all Windows boxes and Jython shipping 
with the Java SDK, THEN Python could take over the world ...


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