True inconsistency in Python

Christopher A. Craig list-python at
Thu Nov 13 17:48:38 CET 2003

Scott Chapman <scott_list at> writes:

> It seems that maybe Python should throw a warning (perhaps if a flag is 
> set) any time it bumps into code comparing a variable to True or False. 
> It's pretty subtle and would easily throw a newbie.

While I agree with the above assertions that it's totally silly to
compare something with True, throwing a warning isn't desirable.  If
you're going to write something to handle this, the tp_compare method
on the bool object should return

PyObject_IsTrue(a) == self->ob_ival ? Py_True : Py_False

Of course about a week after that's done somebody is going to point
out that "3 is True" is false (as it should be).

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