Arcana & subtle profundities...

Brian codeapocalypse at
Wed Nov 5 00:02:39 CET 2003

I've been reading through "Text Processing in Python" by David Mertz. 

David had a nice phrase in section 1.1 that I think we should turn
into a book title.  Perhaps we could convince Tim Peters to write:

"Tim Peters on Python Internals: Arcana & Subtle Profundities" 

Admittedly, the original phrase was referring to new-style classes,
not python internals.  I know I'd buy a copy, if Tim wrote it.  But
would I understand it? :)

Maybe someone here could come up with additional promising titles, or
titles they'd like to see.  From what I've seen most of the available
Python books focus on the basics.  I'd like to see more advanced books
and those focusing on the myriad of GUI toolkits...

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