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Dang Griffith noemail at
Fri Nov 21 13:52:36 CET 2003

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 23:19:48 GMT, 3seas <3seasA at Tthreeseas.DOT.not>

>Maxim Khesin wrote:
>>> That was an intentional act of spamming a protected email box.
>>> And you know it
>> Ok, that 'would be' an act of spam, but don't worry, I was just kidding.
>Now convince my mindspring mailbox of that....
>I have received over 400 ms viral spams in 10 days from one error I made
>in using linux news/mail readers -- learing setup --- to post one single
>mesage to usenet w/o spam protection.
>you just posted a non protected email address of mine intentionally to
>usenet. And email address that you had to manually put effort inte getting,
>aa that address did not exist in not exist in any post I made in this
>you were not kidding. Or perhaps you want to claim ignorance?
>How does that work? intentional act claimed as being ignorant of?
>its not like this viral ms update spam is new or something.
Not really wanting to get involved in this thread, but fearing there
may be some latent ignorance lingering, I felt I should let you know.

There are bots that surf the newsgroups and heuristically extract
email addresses.  While it's possible, it would surprise me if any of
the regular contributors to this group would begin spamming anyone,
even with a quasi-OT thread like this one.

I don't surf the newsgroup, but I assume their tools
are now smart enough to convert / filter dot, not, at, spam, nospam,
and other obfuscators, into potentially valid email addresses.  Who
knows--maybe they've outsourced the email-gathering to persons willing
to read newsgroups for low pay and do the filtering manually.

I use MindSpring at home, and their server-side spam filter catches
many, but allows too many fakes through.  It never ceases to amaze me
how emails containing the various well-known virus attachments are not
identified as spam.  I could understand new ones slipping through, but
how long has Sven been around?  Sheesh!

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