ActivePython Installation problem on win95

Tom Semple simple_stuff at
Tue Nov 18 01:03:26 CET 2003

I did reboot; the Python23 root directory is in the path (though of course
this is not where the .pyd file is). I've checked a number of the registry
paths for various things and they seem good as well. So I still suspect the
problem is a missing DLL or PythonWin needs a newer version of a DLL it
expects to be already on the system. But the error message does not help me


"Bernard Delmée" <bdelmee at> wrote in message
news:3fb957fe$0$1125$6c56d894 at
> > After installing (completes without error) I cannot start the PythonWin
> > get an error: "The application can not locate win32ui.pyd for Python
> Hi; did you reboot after installing? I suspect on Win9x the path will
> only include python after you've run the altered autoexec.bat

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