Rekall not longer available from - a fabrication

John Hall wweexxsseessssaa at
Sat Nov 1 15:19:36 CET 2003

On Sat, 01 Nov 2003 13:27:51 GMT, Todd Stephens
<huzzah at> wrote:

>I don't see much controversy here.  If the work was done for theKompany,
>then it is a work made for hire, no?  In that case, theKompany owns the
>rights to the software.

yes, in the usual case. But JD claims that the programmers have not
been paid for the past five months, and probably a significant part of
Rekall was done in that time. (Or maybe not - I might not be very
productive if not being paid as expected).

This things appears to be a nasty mess, and as Alex says, needs to be
clarified pronto.

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