dictionary keys, __hash__, __cmp__

Jan-Erik Meyer-Lütgens python at meyer-luetgens.de
Tue Nov 4 21:52:42 CET 2003

In the Python Language Reference, I found the following
statements about using objects as dictionary keys:

    1. "__hash__() should return a 32-bit integer."

    2. "The only required property is that objects which
        compare equal have the same hash value."

    3. "If a class does not define a __cmp__() method it
        should not define a __hash__() operation either."

Can I asume that:

  -- it is guaranteed that id(obj) returns a unique 32-bit integer

  -- keys are interchangeable (equivalent),
     if the following is valid:

         hash(key1) == hash(key2) and key1 == key2

  -- I can ignore the 2nd statement, if I am aware of
     the fact that: if objects are equal it dosn't mean that
     they are the same key.

  -- I can savely ignore the 3rd statement, because python
     falls back to cmp(id(obj1), id(obj2)), if __cmp__()
     is not defined.

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