small, fast and cross-platform flat-file database for python

Tom Wilkason tom.wilkason at
Fri Nov 21 21:55:51 CET 2003

"mir nazim" <mir4uu at> wrote in message
news:425cc8d1.0311210915.33eb10e0 at
> hi.
> i want to know if there is any flat-file relational database system
> available for python.
> i require it in a project. it should have following capabilities:
> 1. should be small and compact on system requirments.
> 2. should be roubust and fast.
> 3. must be able to handle a bit large tables( upto 5000 rows)
> 4. should be available for both linux and ms windows 9x/xp/2000
> platforms.
> 5. it will be nice if it supports sql-92.
> hopping to find some real good help soon
> bye.
> blesess-n-luck

Have you looked at metakit ( ), it
meets requirements 1-4 on your list above.


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