need object crafts csv module pre-compiled for 2.3

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Tue Nov 25 06:25:54 CET 2003

Paul McGuire wrote:
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>>precompiled csv module=drop in replacement
>>new csv module=refactoring large volume of existing code
>>Their is no real need to refactor a whole bunch of existing code just to
>>use the newest thing. Doing so would be a waste of time. My time is
>>better spent on other project areas.
> I wouldn't look at this as *just* converting so as "to use the newest
> thing."  Converting over to a "batteries-included" module means that you
> wont have to chase this problem again with 2.3.3, or 2.4, or 3.0, or...  How
> many times is it worth going through this hassle (which usually occurs when
> it's most urgent, and you have the fewest spare cycles available to deal
> with it), instead of clearing up and getting rid of a dangling project
> dependency?  (Should also simplify testing, packing, distribution, and
> support, so depending on your product environment, there are likely to be
> some non-development savings to be had, too.)
> Just my $0.02,
> -- Paul

Definitly valid points but I am quite pressed for time on this. I very 
much agree with you and have already more or less budgeted some time in 
the near distant future for that undertaking. However, for now, I have 
chosen the path of least resistance. That is, I have pirated a copy of 
Visual C++ 6 off of Kazaa and recompiled csv.pyd myself. >:)
Cheers and thanks for everyone's input, I enjoyed the discussion!!

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