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Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at
Sun Nov 2 01:23:08 CET 2003

achrist at wrote:
> Jimmy Retzlaff wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps you have a version mismatch problem. Thomas posted in the
> > ActiveState announcement thread earlier that win32all build 161 or
> > later will be required for the upcoming Python 2.3 specific version
> > of py2exe:
> I'm using the latest (0.4.2) version of py2exe for python 2.3.  If
> applies, I've got to upgrade win32all from 157 (just 4 weeks old) to
> 161.    Version 161 is termed "experimental".
> Can anyone share resulets of experimenting?  Is this reliable?

There is a newer (experimental) version of py2exe which requires the
newer (experimental) version of win32all (see Thomas' post in this
thread). I'm using 0.4.2 and 157 together with Python 2.3.2 and it works
fine for me (I just built and then successfully tested one of my GUI
apps on a computer that has no Python on it). Take a look at the
PyWinTypes23.dll that py2exe copied into your distribution folder. When
I get properties on mine and go to the Version tab, it says "File
version:". If yours says something different, then take a
look at the version in the System32 folder inside your Windows directory
on your build machine. Make sure the troublesome computers don't have
some conflicting PyWinTypes23.dll on them.

Are you able to narrow it down to a trivial app and still see the same


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