Help with script with performance problems

Dennis Roberts googlegroups at
Sun Nov 23 19:58:20 CET 2003

Ville Vainio <ville.spammehardvainio at> wrote in message news:<du7r7zz4ei3.fsf at>...
> > f = sys.stdin
> Have you tried using a normal file instead of stdin? BTW, you can
> iterate over a file easily by "for line in open("mylog.log"):". ISTR
> it's also more efficient than readline()'s, because it caches the
> lines instead of reading them one by one. You can also get the line
> numbers by doing "for linenum, line in enumerate(open("mylog.log")):"

i have a 240207 line sample log file that I test with.  The script I
submitted parsed it in 18 seconds.  My perl script parsed it in 4

The new python script, using a normal file as suggested above, does it
in 3 seconds!

Changed "f = sys.stdin" to "f = open('sample', 'r')".

Thanks Ville!

Note (I made the other changes one at a time as well - the file open
change was the only one that made it faster)

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