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Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys, GE Interlogix) <Vincent.Raaijmakers at ge.com> wrote:
>The web server requirements I'm looking at are:
>1) simple presentation layer processing. The HTML pages produced by
>server will be more focused on presenting images (dynamic), rather that
>fancy tables, frames, buttons.
>2) the framework has to be robust and FAST on performance.
>3) runs only on Linux, well not really a requirement, more a statement.
>4) runs on Apache (and/or Tomcat)
>What technology gives me the best performance?
I hope I've misunderstood your intent.  When I first read this, 
the impression it makes is that you have an interest only in the
one Apache-based Web server with "the best performance".  For
practical use, I think a far more satisfying approach is to look
for a system which is robust, high in performance, and maintain-
able, and *measure* its performance in a test environment to 
estimate whether it is fast enough.  "Fast enough" can be a 
considerably more useful criterion than "fastest possible".

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