list of all functions defined in the current module

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> Fernando Rodriguez wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > How can I get the list of all the functions defined in the current module?
> If you have
> def getfunctions(module):
>      import types
>      l = []
>      for key, value in module.__dict__.items():
>          if type(value) is FunctionType:
>              l.append(value)
>      return l
> Then you can call this function with getfunctions(sys.modules[__name__]) 
>   to get a list of functions in the current module.
> Perhaps you could also use the builtin 'inspect' module for this task.

If you just want a list of a module's globals, what's wrong with

Of course it will tell you about globals that are not functions (e.g. 
classes) but maybe that's what the original poster wanted anyway.

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