python a bust?

Anand Pillai pythonguy at
Wed Nov 19 09:50:28 CET 2003

It was a generalization, not with any malice :-)
What I meant was that many of their books were "me-toos",
especially the Early Adopter series. I did not do 
a blanket bombing of their books. But I will prefer
an O'Reilly nutshell book anyday to a Wrox one.

I am not planning to convince any publishers on the 
market of Python books. At least, not yet.


Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> wrote in message news:<c%_tb.40432$hV.1573516 at>...
> Anand Pillai wrote:
>    ...
> > There was a company called Wrox writing P2P (Programmer 2 Programmer)
> > books on many technical topics. I think it got absorbed by Wiley recently.
> They had gone bust, and the brand has been purchased.
> > Their choice of topics was "Popular" languages and technologies used
> > by practicing software developers. I never saw a Python book in their
> > stable.
> > Of course, again dont start a thread about the technical perfection of
> > Wrox books, since I know that their style & content cannot be compared 
> > with an O'reilly nutshell book.
> You're wrong: some of their books were truly excellent.  Short of Don Box's 
> Addison-Wesley bible, they had the best on COM, and the best in particular 
> on ATL, the best way to do COM in Visual C++.  Of course, many others
> (while still technically OK) were "me too"'s in crowded fields.
> > But as again, I am not talking about
> > anything regarding
> > the "greatness" of the language, but just simple arithmetic.
> Simple arithmetic tells us Wrox went bust (despite having some excellent
> books and a very vast selection).  I'm not sure how you plan to use this to
> convince other publishers to put out plenty of "me too's" technically decent
> but mostly undistinguished books in crowded fields.
> Alex

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