Looking for an http proxy server written in Python

Paul Rubin http
Tue Nov 18 20:08:15 CET 2003

Chris Gray <cpgray at library.uwaterloo.ca> writes:
> Is there such a beast?  In particular, I'm looking for a
> production-quality proxy server fully compliant with HTTP/1.1 written in
> Python.

I sometimes use Amit Patel's proxy3 for web surfing, but I don't know
if I'd call it production quality because it's so slow.  I don't know
if anything can be done about that, because Python itself is pretty
slow.  You may need to bite the bullet and use Squid or the Apache
proxy module or something like that.  I've had reasonable success
hacking various html rewriting features into the Apache module when
such things were needed.

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