Can this be written more concisely in a functional style

MetalOne jcb at
Tue Nov 18 19:52:58 CET 2003

My intention was that test() return True or False.
So True in itertools.imap(test, xs) is what I was looking for.

I also like the any() function suggested above.
def any(p, seq):
    """Returns true if any element in seq satisfies predicate p."""
    for elt in itertools.ifilter(p, seq):
        return True
    return False

In the itertools.imap version does 
<True in> test against a continually growing list, ie.
True in [False]
True in [False, False]
True in [False, False, False]
True in [False, False, False, True]

or does it just apply <in> to the next generated element.

Is the itertools.imap version as efficient as the for loop version?


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