SGMLParser eats ä etc

John J. Lee jjl at
Sun Nov 30 01:53:28 CET 2003

Anders Eriksson <ameLista at> writes:
> I'm using smgllib (ActivePython 2.3.2, build 230) and I have some trouble
> with letters that has been coded, e.g. the letter å is coded å ä is
> coded ä and ö is coded ö all according to the html standard.
> I use the SGMLParser and when I feed method all the coded letter will be
> stripped/eaten.
> Why?
> How do I fix this?

You probably want to use HTMLParser.HTMLParser instead (NOT the same
thing as htmllib.HTMLParser, note).  It knows about XHTML, sgmllib &
htmllib don't.  If you really want sgmllib, though (untested):

import htmlentitydefs

class MyParser(sgmllib.SGMLParser):
    entitydefs = htmlentitydefs.entitydefs

    def unknown_entityref(self, ref):



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