What do you think of this Python logo?

Jegenye 2001 Bt jegenye2001 at fw.hu
Tue Nov 11 02:12:17 CET 2003

Irmen de Jong <irmen at -NOSPAM-REMOVETHIS-xs4all.nl> wrote in message
news:3fb0107b$0$58708$e4fe514c at news.xs4all.nl...
> Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
> > What do you think of this Python logo?
> > http://pythonology.org/logos
> Mixed feelings. I'm not sure what the globe is doing there.
> Also as Edward noted it would be nice to have a little
> bit more detail in the large versions: eyes in the snake,
> or perhaps even a little tongue sticking out?
> --Irmen

Bad feelings. I like that cartoon style, tongue-in-cheek traditional logo
since that doesn't resemble a real snake..
This  drawing is actually much more like a ,er.., sperm.   I don't think
that's a good idea for a logo.. :-)


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