Rekall and associated software go 100% GPL

GrayGeek jkrepsBEAR at
Tue Nov 11 22:33:50 CET 2003

Jim wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 14:25:57 GMT, GrayGeek <jkrepsBEAR at>
> wrotf:
>>John Dean wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Rekall, the cross-platform
>>> alternative to MS Access, is now totally GPL. So please visit
>>> and download download a copy for yourself.
>>> In order for you to be able to download you must register with the Total
>>> Rekall Portal. The reason we have have made this a requirement is
>>> because we would like to be able to notify everybody when a new version
>>> becomes available. We are presently working on V2.2.0 and I am sure you
>>> would not like to miss out.
>>> You should also be aware that in order for for us to continue the future
>>> development of Rekall we will have to charge for technical support,
>>> customisation, training and consulting, therefore, now that we have gone
>>> wholly GPL, you will have to take out a technical support subscription.
>>> I will post information relating to support levels and pricing once we
>>> worked out the detail. In the meantime may I suggest that you sign up to
>>> our mailing list. Instructions can be found at the bottom of the home
>>> page.
>>mmm, either the registration process is overloaded, or it is not
>>functioning.  After registering I failed to receive the confirmatory
>>email. (Yes, my data was correct).
>>Anyone else notice this?
>>I see that all the previous msgs are on the 9th, but none after that.
> All I got was a demo version after registering. Also, there are some dead
> links on their page I reported that haven't been fixed. Something isn't
> right here.

I saw a message on the general forum (before the site disappeared) by a user
called 'Avi' who asked the same question.  BadJake (sysadmin) staid that
there should be a library "'.  Avi checked and said the library
was there but named ""  (I am using ... to represent the parts
of the name that I don't remember).  Avi created link to ""
using "" and the demo notice went away.



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