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> > I couldn't resist...
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> Interesting! One thing I'd like (I don't know if the OP had this in
> mind) is to have a marked "start" point, and a marked "end" point. A
> guarantee that there is a route from "start" to "end" would be good,
> too :-)

It appears that all the yellow squares are contiguous. I did a screen
capture and then used a paint bucket to dump onto a yellow square. The
paint flowed to every cell, so you could probably punch start and end
points anywhere in the outer wall, although some may end up trivially

I changed the program to do a single 100x100 maze instead of 64 10x10.
Really slows it down, but you can watch how the algorithm explores the
virgin territory.

> I'm not sure, at a brief glance, how easy the algorithm would adapt to
> this.
> Paul.

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