"python exe" and "py plugins"

Ahmad Baitalmal ahmad at bitbuilder.com
Wed Nov 19 20:40:52 CET 2003

marco wrote:
> great ! it works with dynamic import ( __import__() )!
> it's a lot better than an execfile ...
> "Marc Boeren" <M.Boeren at guidance.nl> a écrit dans le message de news:
> mailman.826.1069158322.702.python-list at python.org...

I'm a bit lost, I'm trying to do the same thing withe BitLeaf 
I put all my pulgins in a folder named "services", then when the 
application loads it looks in that folder for any subfolders that have 
__init__.py in them (packages, that's how I plan to distribute the plugins).

That works fine in linux or uncompiled on windows, but with py2exe, it 
can't find the "services" folder.

My question is, should I keep going down that road or is there a 
"correct" way of handling plugins in python that I'm not aware of?


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