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>Since Python 2.3, most of these problems have been solved. Python now
>comes equipped with the Specialized Small Object Allocator, known as
>PyAlloc. PyAlloc has been part of python since version 2.1, but until
>version 2.3, it was an optional feature that had to be explicitly
>enabled when building python from the sources. Since its first
>appearance in 2001, PyAlloc has been tested and improved. In 2003 it
>was considered mature enough to become Python's default memory

Two points:

* s/PyAlloc/PyMalloc/

* There have been several commercial games, including at least one
real-time first-person game (Blade of Darkness), based on versions of
Python prior to 2.3, so even before PyMalloc, Python's memory management
was far from an insurmountable obstacle.  I don't know whether any of
those games enabled PyMalloc, but I doubt it.
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