Unexpected problem: DirsSync-1.3-rc3 - directories synchronizer

GerritM gmuller at worldonline.nl
Sat Nov 1 21:39:47 CET 2003

I downloaded and tried the recently announced dirsync program. It looks
nice, but...

I have two presumably identical directories: one at home and one at work. I
keep them synchronized by means of zipping changed files and extracting them
at the other side. When comparing both directories by means of this nice
program I discovered that all files differ, with an mtime difference of
exactly 1 hour. I am working on a windows 98 machine at home, Windows 2000
at work. Winzip 8.0. Somewhere in the chain a time coversion takes place,

Most suspect for me is the fileserver at work, since I try to compare a
recent snapshot made at work with my directory at home. Careful examination
of a zipfile created before the wintertime started and a zipfile created
after this date shows a one hour difference for files before the critical
date.All zipfiles were made at work (windows 2000, data residing on a
fileserver; make unknown, presumably on Linux/Unix).

Anyone seen comparable problems? This effect is rather disastrous if you use
timestamps for synchronization :-(

regards Gerrit


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