Frustration with Boa Constructor

F. GEIGER fgeiger at
Sun Nov 23 13:59:21 CET 2003

The book "Python on Win32" has some stuff about wxPython too. It had helped
me a lot in beginning wxPython programming.


"Paul Metzger" <pmetzger at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> > I am attempting to learn how to use wxPython from their mailing list,
> > from the demos that come with the package, and from the Wiki
> > ( However, expect to
> > have to do a lot of cross-referencing, as I couldn't find anything
> > that could stand alone as a comprehensive guide.
> >
>  If you ever find a good source for documentation on wxPython, please
> tell me. The only thing I can find worth anything is the one chapter in
> Python 2.1 bible. It's a good basic, beginning, but leaves off where I
> need something to start. So the way I have to attack it is trial and
> error until I get it figured out...
> Paul

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