ANN: PyLogo 0.1

user at domain.invalid user at domain.invalid
Wed Nov 19 11:17:41 CET 2003

Just tried it, and this is what I get
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/bin/pylogo", line 6, in ?
     if os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(__file__)) == 'scripts':
NameError: name '__file__' is not defined

This is from both cvs and 0.1 release.

Ian Bicking wrote:
> PyLogo 0.1
> ==========
> This is the first public release of the still rough (but I think 
> functional) PyLogo interpreter.  PyLogo interprets the Logo language, an 
> education Lisp-like language best known for its turtle graphics.
> Found at:
> Who Is This For?
> ================
> This release is primarily targeted at other developers.  Though PyLogo 
> is a fairly complete Logo implementation, the programming environment is 
> still rough.
> Because PyLogo is written in Python, this is a very easy interpreter to 
> work with -- the code is small, it's easy to create new primitives using 
> Python code, and there's already a wide array of interesting and useful 
> Python libraries which are easily made accessible to Logo programs.  It 
> also inherits Python's rich object model (though it needs more work to 
> make Python objects easier to work with), which makes it possible to 
> avoid some of the more crude features of some Logo dialects with respect 
> to properties (dictionaries), files, etc.
> What Does It Do Now?
> ====================
> PyLogo implements all of the core Logo features (as far as I know), 
> generally trying to match UCBLogo (the de facto standard Logo 
> implementation).  Like traditional Logo, it uses dynamic scoping and a 
> global namespace.  Unlike many young language implementation, the 
> existence of bugs is given consideration -- errors produce tracebacks, 
> and room exists for even more helpful error diagnostics.
> Turtle graphics are available, including multiple turtles.  You can use 
> multiple, concurrent threads in your Logo programs.  (You can't use 
> threads and turtles together -- yet)
> -- 
> Ian Bicking | ianb at |

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