PEP 289: universal and existential operators

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Thu Nov 13 11:56:46 CET 2003

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> Will Stuyvesant wrote:
> > Oh no!  Their mathematical names are "forall" and "exists" and that is
> > what they should be IMO.
> Actually, their mathematical names are an upside-down "A"
> and an upside-down "E", which are often pronounced "for
> all" and "there exists", but other pronunciations are
> possible.
> In Python, "all" and "any" would be closest to the
> conciseness of the mathematical symbols, IMO. Until
> we get to use Unicode in identifiers, anyway...

Hasten the day!

As far as I'm concerned, 3.0 seems to be about as
likely as my seeing a real unicorn.

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