wxPython - wx package (new style wxPython?)

Mark Hahn mark at hahnca.com
Wed Nov 26 03:46:58 CET 2003

I just finished a moderate sized wxPython app from scratch using wx and I'm
happy I did.  There were a few times I had to put my thinking cap on, but it
worked out well.

"Logan" <logan at phreaker.nospam> wrote in message
news:pan.2003. at phreaker.nospam...
> Would you recommend to use the wx package of wxPython?
> From the documentation:
>   Provides a way to drop the wx prefix from wxPython objects by
>   dynamically loading and renaming objects from the real wxPython
>   package.  This is the first phase of a transition to a new style
>   of using wxPython.  For example:
>       import wx
>       class MyFrame(wx.Frame):
>       ...
>   instead of:
>       from wxPython.wx import *
>       class MyFrame(wxFrame):
>       ...
> What does 'this is the first phase of a transition to a new style
> using wxPython' in the above mean? Will this new style become the
> only way to use wxPython in future releases?
> Thanks in advance for any answers.
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