simple echo server

Haris Bogdanovic haris.bogdanovic at
Mon Nov 3 20:48:53 CET 2003

> It looks to me that you are behind a firewall on your 'telnet account',
> i.e. you cannot access the necessary socket port(s).
> Usually only a few sockets are 'open' to the outside world. Try
> setting up your server to use one of these 'open' sockets or change
> the firewall configuration.
> --Irmen

I removed firewall from my computer but I still get "Permission denied" 
message. I'm not really an expert on firewalls so can you tell me some 
things :
Does firewall works with both sides i.e. will firewall block me from 
sending something from inside of remote host to my localhost ?
If that's the case how do I lookup for open ports on that remote host 
through which I can send data ?


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