Leo + Python: the ultimate scripting tool: Conclusion

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at charter.net
Sat Nov 8 22:32:08 CET 2003

I mistakenly first replied to Aahz privately, so some of our conversation
has been off-line. I'd like to repeat it here publicly.

EKR> Could you be more-specific about what you mean by "shell-based" mode?
What would have to be different in Leo?

Aahz> It'd have to support a curses interface or something like it.

EKR> Are you talking about a version of Leo that doesn't put up a gui?  If
so, a null-gui plugin might suffice.  If Leo can't do what you want already,
I suspect that adding this feature would be easy.

Aahz> Well, I do want it to be screen-oriented.  I just want it to be
text/console-based and keyboard-driven.  You might be able to use anygui
to do that; haven't played with it.

EKR> Leo is being reorganized to support more than one gui.  The work is
well along.  I don't believe anygui is ready for prime time, and anyway the
new organization will suffice.

EKR> BTW, a null-gui plugin might only have to override the oops() method in
various gui base classes.

Aahz> Could be, but I don't want it enough to muck around with it.  ;-)

EKR> Oh, I wasn't suggesting that you do that.  I was mostly thinking out
loud, and maybe bragging that something that might be difficult in other
contexts has already been handled mostly in Leo's code base.

EKR> Thanks for this request.  It is something I've never considered, and in
the big picture it will probably be easy enough to do.  I'll put it on the
list and keep it in the back of my mind.

EKR> P.S. It might be good also to have an option that fires up Leo in
"script mode", something like:

>python leo.py -script script.py <options>

which would open Leo, execute script.py and exit.  Should be easy to do.

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