PyQt and DCOP Documentation

Fedor Sumkin fsumkin at
Tue Nov 11 13:00:24 CET 2003

Jim Bublitz wrote:

> Eric Williams wrote:
>> Jim Bublitz wrote:
>> Thanks a lot, Jim, that's exactly what I needed.
> It's actually kind of ugly - it'll get better. You can't get any
> return values from "ca;;" at the moment.
>> Done.  I'll really have to brush up on my c++, though; now that
>> I'm getting a clearer picture of the api's I'm starting to
>> grasp it a little better.
> The most recent release has (in my opinion - we'll see what
> others think) greatly improved docs. This has been a frequent
> complaint, and one that's hard to fix. The new docs do at least
> list all of the methods in a Python format and they can be
> linked to the KDE docs for text explanations.
>> I can't believe you're the only person working on this stuff;
>> with the amount of good work that's already gone into it,
>> together with how useful an application it really is, I'd
>> figured there was a whole gaggle of people on it.
> I do PyKDE, Phil Thompson does sip and PyQt and did the original
> PyKDE. Some of the newer stuff (plugins) has been done mostly by
> other people, and I get a lot of good bug reports, patches, help
> with build details, etc. Plus lots of automation.
>> I just subscribed to the list.  For the size and nature of the
>> KDE project, the docs aren't bad at all.  My statement above
>> was simply that I'm in way over my head for the most part,
>> mainly due to my general inability to program :-(
> On the one hand better docs are a hard problem, on the other

You can use PyQtDoc from
It is changed Qt documentation which cover PyQt.
It also contains examples and tutorials.

> hand, one of the main goals of this project is to make KDE
> programming easy for anybody. You're not a newbie if you mostly
> figured out dcop (and the parts you got hung up on ARE poorly
> documented), but don't hesitate to post ANY questions on the
> PyKDE list. People there are generally helpful (just as they are
> here). You can look back in the archives for some of the dumb
> questions I've asked there.
> Check the developer section of for tutorial stuff too.
> Also, the Qt docs are excellent (but still C++).
>> Thank you for taking the time to explain it. Thanks to your
>> work and the overall KDE-coolness I'm well on the way to
>> turning lirc into a useful application :-)
> My pleasure - I'm sincere about appreciating your posts too.
> Hopefully the next release will be better suited to what you
> want to do. I've always wondered if this stuff worked or not,
> but never found a reason to look into more.
> Personally I think this is really cool too, which is why I picked
> up the project when Phil ran out of time to maintain it.
> Jim

Best regards

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