Sorting out which exceptions to handle

Derek Fountain nomail at
Tue Nov 4 03:36:19 CET 2003

I recently asked a question about the exceptions raised by the MySQLdb
module. The answer produced a new question. :o) The documentation I was
pointed at tells me the module has the following exception tree:


I want to catch all of them! How can I specify that set of exceptions, but
no others? I could type them all into one line, but that doesn't make my
code future proof - new exceptions could be added to the module.

The O'Reilly Python in a Nutshell book says "Generally your code uses a
statement of the form:

except module.Error, err:

with the word "module" in italics. I tried the line:

except MySQLdb.Error, err:

and various variations, but always got errors.

How do I trap all the database associated errors this module can generate?

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