New to Python - Compiled Language?

Michael Geary Mike at
Wed Nov 5 19:06:22 CET 2003

> Michael Geary:
> > Python compiles to bytecode, not to machine code. But that
> > doesn't mean the end user needs to install a Python interpreter.

Michele Simionato:
> Actually it does; py2exe and similar programs ship the interpreter
> bundled with the code, so you don't install the interpreter directly,
> but indirectly you do. The disadvantage is that a ten line script
> requires megabites of space in order to be made executable. This
> may be an issue if you plan to distribute your program via the net
> and your customers have slow connection. Also, it may be an issue
> for embedded systems. Finally, it is somewhat disturbing that a ten
> line script cannot fit in good old 3.5' floppy :-(

That's true, of course. What I meant was merely that you could hide all of
this so that the end user doesn't have to go through a separate step of
downloading and installing the Python interpreter. So it becomes a size
issue, not a "why do I have to go through all these steps?" issue.


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