import _winreg does not work. How do I fix?

Miki Tebeka mikit at
Wed Nov 26 08:28:57 CET 2003

Hello John,

> Sounds reasonable, but if what you say is true, I am surprised that not 
> all Python 2.3.2 releases are not equal.
> How good is your information?  Is it authorative?
It's not authorative. It's experience :-)

See Jimmy's mail about OS differences. If you want Python to be the
same in all OS's you'll get the lowest common subset of functionality.

> I could hack it with a true win32 python, but my gut says this is not 
> the way to go.
You can either write a module that wraps regtool. Another way is to
a C module that does registry work and use SWIG, Boost, ... to make it
a Python module.
Yet another option is to write the .reg file and let Windows handle

IMO if runtime is not that important create a winreg module the uses


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