Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Nov 14 14:10:17 CET 2003

Ron Adam wrote:
> Maybe someone will try it.  I've only just started with Python about a
> month ago.  However I did pick up your 'Python in a Nutshell' last
> night and have already read though the first 4 chapters.  Great book
> Alex!


> I've programmed lightly in c, c++, java, several basics,  and even a
> little assembly.  Took a course in fortran,  although I don't remember
> any of it.  Also learned pascal once upon a time.

You do have just about the perfect background in term of target
audience for the Nutshell -- several varied, typical lower-level
languages, plus a smattering of Python.  Though one doesn't NEED
as many different languages as you've used and studied, of course.

> Python addresses many if not most of the complaints I've had with
> those other languages. Most of which were either low level languages
> that lacked high level functionality,  or high level languages that
> were difficult to extend.  And then there are the visual stuff that
> requires 3/4 of the code just to initialize everything.  ack!  What
> surprises me most is why I haven't found Python sooner?

Good question; I asked it of myself just a few years ago, when I
finally did "find" it.  I have no satisfactory answer, though.


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