portable development -- python for the pda?

Dave Reed drlinux at columbus.rr.com
Thu Nov 27 00:04:21 CET 2003

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 17:02, Clark C. Evans wrote:
> Hello.  I'm going to be doing quite a bit of travel in January and 
> I'd like to continue to program on-the-road.  So, I'm in the market 
> to buy a PDA with a fullsize (foldable) keyboard.  Does anyone have 
> this sort of setup working?  I typically use python and vim, with
> postgresql.   I don't strictly need postgresql, but having python
> run on the PDA would be nice.  Any suggestions?

Python runs great on the Sharp Zaurus. I can personally speak for the
5500 but I suspect it runs fine on the 5600 and the new one that's
only officially available in Europe and/or Asia. I'm currently using
OpenZaurus instead of the Sharp ROM but Python did run on the Sharp
ROM last time I checked. At least on OpenZaurus, Python is split into
a number of packages (i.e., the math module and many other modules are
in separate packages) to limit the amount of storage required. If
you're using any specific Python modules, you may want to check if
someone has created them. I have not checked to see if postgresql is

I use a foldable pocketop keyboard ($99 last time I checked) - it's
not quite fullsize, but it's close. For serious programming I'd
recommend a small laptop vs. a PDA if you can afford the price


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