This is getting ridiculous (Re: PyQt, Qt, Windows and Linux)

Jim Bublitz jbublitzno at
Wed Nov 19 21:36:55 CET 2003

Gerhard Häring wrote:

> email9898989 at wrote:
>>>The "official" Qt3 book is due in February of 2004, and the
>>>included CD will include a non-commerical version of Qt 3.2.1
>>>for Windows [...] it appears that you will be able to
>>>distribute the Qt runtime DLLs with your non commerical
>>>application [...]
>> So if I just want to make free software that works
>> cross-platform, I'd have to buy this crappy C++ book to get a
>> special restricted version
>> of Qt3 for Windows that may or may not work with Python.  This
>> is ridiculous.
> If that's what you want ("make free software that works
> cross-platform") you're probably better off using an
> alternative GUI toolkit.

Or a smaller value of "cross-platform".


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