Why I love Python: More rambling...

Fernando Perez fperez528 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 07:23:35 CET 2003

MetalOne wrote:

>> The sad part (to my ego, at least:)?  The python runs faster!  The C++
>> version
>> is now in the dustbin.  At least I learned a bunch about the STL and
>> templates.  The consolation...
> Out of curiosity, was the C++ compiled without any debugging
> information.  The STL is really slow with debug on.

Full optimizations on, all debugging off.  The bottleneck was not the STL, but
the Blitz++ array code.  The problem is that blitz template expressions are
extremely complicated, and g++ is just not up to the task.  Tests made by a
blitz developer with the SGI C++ compiler show far better scaling (with the
rank of the tensors), but I needed to run this on linux boxes using g++.



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