web guru advise needed.

Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys, Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys,
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Regarding the SimpleTAL, can you give me an example of one of your heinous URLs and explanation why you had to do it that way?


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Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys, GE Interlogix) wrote:

> 1) simple presentation layer processing. The HTML pages produced by server
> will be more focused on presenting images (dynamic), rather that fancy
> tables, frames, buttons. 2) the framework has to be robust and FAST on
> performance. 3) runs only on Linux, well not really a requirement, more a
> statement. 4) runs on Apache (and/or Tomcat)
> What technology gives me the best performance?
> I'm so afraid that adapters like WebKit kills my performance but because
> of my jsp experience, psp seems the best option.
> Vincent

FWIW, I recently complete a CMS project with the following constellation:

1) Apache with mod_python
2) PostgreSQL for content storage, mostly in the form of blob'd Pickles
3) Templating using SimpleTAL (elegant and leightweight, but requires some
downright heinous URLs)
4) Everything running behind Squid in accelerator mode

It's pretty dang snappy on performance, but you'd need a dedicated
server/processor for dynamic images, I would think.


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