simple echo server

Simon Bayling sfb at
Sun Nov 2 13:33:37 CET 2003

Haris Bogdanovic <haris.bogdanovic at> wrote in
news:3FA4CB41.8080306 at 

>>> It's the example from python docs (socket section). If you have 
>>> somewhere your personal user account you can try it aswell.
> I ment telnet account. Is that the place where people normally put
> their server part of the application or can I put somewhere else (is
> there a common way to do this) ?

Telnet account to what?
You can put it anywhere you can run Python code on an operating system
with TCP/IP. 

>>> Tell me what you managed to do.

I copied the server example and ran it.
I copied the client example, altered the HOST to and ran it.

It connected and sent/recieved "Hello, world", then finished.

Just as it should do.

Now, what error message are you getting?

-- Simon.

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