Best SOAP library?

Glauco glauco at
Fri Nov 28 11:47:17 CET 2003

John Goerzen wrote:
> "Diez B. Roggisch" <deets_noospaam at> writes:
>>>Which Python-based SOAP implementation is preferred today?  Which ones
>>>are still being actively developed?
>>ZSI just had a new release - IMHO its the most complete implementation. I
>>was quite satisfied with it, however I encountered problems with a
>>moderately complex apache-axis-based WSDL - but I didn't investigat
>>further, instead I used the generated axis-client and jython :)
> How would you say ZSI compares to SOAPpy?  I've heard that SOAPpy is
> easier to use for some cases.  Are there things that ZSI does that
> SOAPpy doesn't (or not as well)?
> Thanks,
> John

I've builded a complex library for standardize the use of some 
Webservices published in .NET .
In 1 year of implementation i've done a lot of manipulation to SOAPpy 
because it cannot do something.

I think SOAPpy is not in developing .

Probably ZSI is updated.


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