simple echo server

Andrew achin at
Mon Nov 3 04:04:37 CET 2003

i beleive that the problem is that your shell is rather restrictive on 
network access.  i used arbornet a while ago and recall they dont allow 
anonoymous non-members to do much.  find another linux box (like a 
friends, or your own) and try it there.


On Sat, 01 Nov 2003 22:47:27 +0100, Haris Bogdanovic 
<haris.bogdanovic at> wrote:

> Irmen de Jong wrote:
>> Haris Bogdanovic wrote:
>>> When client is trying to connect to the server everything works fine 
>>> but when server tries to echo what it receieved from client I get 
>>> access denied error.
>>> Why is that happening ?
>> Because the server has no access?
>> No really-- you have to give much more detailed information.
>> Preferrably the exact code fragment and exact error message
>> that you're getting.
>> --Irmen
> It's the example from python docs (socket section). If you have 
> somewhere your personal user account you can try it aswell.
> Tell me what you managed to do.
> Thanks
> Haris

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