a newbie

Miki Tebeka mikit at zoran.co.il
Thu Nov 27 08:46:54 CET 2003


> I am new to python.I have familiarized myself with Python through Doc.
> and, simple code.My question is really about pygame.Which is somthing 
> I am very unfamiliar with.I could really use some honest advice about 
> getting started in python or pygame.I would like to learn Python as 
> my first programing language.IF somone could spare a litle time.I 
> would greatly appreciate as i know it is really precious.Anybody with 
> any suggestions on ways they might have started will be put to use.

Start with "Introductions to Python programming for non-programmers"

My advice is to start slowly, if you'll try to do too much you'll get
Programming is a art, it take time to know how to do it right and
there are only a handfull of greate programmers out there.
Lucky for you Python is greate for newbies and you dont need to be a
grand master of the language to produce greate programs.

Last advice: Start programming user interface (GUI) only after you
have written some batch mode programs. GUI programming is an art of


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