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Thu Nov 13 00:18:24 CET 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:08:11 GMT, joconnor at (Jay
O'Connor) wrote:

>>I hope nobody is thinking of that approach seriously.   It may work
>>well in places where the use is naturally limited in both scope and
>>degree,  but it becomes unmanageable when the size and content are
>>allowed to grow with no limits on them.
>If you mean color-coded code with meaning, I don't know.
>but if you mean using databases for source-code management, it works
>very well and I much prefer it to text file based approaches.


But as for using databases for source-code management,  I don't think
it should be necessary.  The source code itself should contain all the
information required to construct an application.  Thus, makefiles
and/or database oriented sorce-code management tools shouldn't be

My reference to the windows registry was an example of how a seemingly
good idea  can become a problem.  The registry contains so much
information now it's difficult to manage and is a security risk. The
reference earlier to using a database for keeping all sorts of meta
information is a very similar situation in my opinion.

I'm definitely not against using databases.  It's the separation of
related content in such a way that the source code is incomplete
without the other, that I don't like.  

_Ron Adam

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