ANN: ruleCore - The event pattern detector engine

Marco marco at
Thu Nov 13 10:38:57 CET 2003

GrayGeek <jkrepsBEAR at> wrote in message news:<gVysb.26491$Eq1.21328 at>...
> Marco wrote:
> > Yes, I can imagine that there are lots of events in an industrial
> > process control setup. I suppose all these events could be fed into
> > ruleCore and there it could detect all kinds of interesting patterns of
> > events that should be reacted to.
> > 
> > I didn't understand much of the ladder, but it seems to be some kind of
> > tool for event correlation just as ruleCore is.
> Most industrial process controllers come with a software/hardware modeling
> tool that uses the IEC 1131-3 language.  Once you get the model working
> (using Ladder, for instance) you can then burn the software that the Ladder
> generates into the control EPROM.

ok, this seems to be a bit more low-level than ruleCore is intended
for. But
people tend to use software in the most strange ways.... ;)

It is a interesting idea to use ruleCore for monitoring industrial
things, really cool. 
I suppose there exists some kind of standard to extract events from
your typical
industrial process thingy and somehow collect them all and send them
into a ruleCore instance?

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