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Tue Nov 18 19:23:26 CET 2003

	For the database connections, you could check out PDO (Python Database
Objects). It uses DB-API 2.0 based modules to interface with the database
with simple syntax. It also helps in that if you ever need to change the
backend database to something other than MySQL. Of course to set up the
Database Connections to MySQL, you will need to the module for MySQL:

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I am about to start designing a web application for my office intranet.
It is pretty simple: we need a way to track conversations with contacts
and a way to update contact information.

I could do it all in PHP or perl-mason, but I really like python's
syntax and I have the time to learn something new.  I've never used any
of the web stuff for python.  I need something that is easy and quick to
learn.  I need support for connection to MySQL, simple user
authentication based on passwords, and either a templating system, or
the ability to embed python code in html, like PHP. I already have
Apache installed and running on a Red Hat linux box.

I don't need the most high-performance system.  We have 8 users at the
most that will be logging in simultaneously.

All recommendations are welcome.

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