PyQt, Qt, Windows and Linux

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Wed Nov 19 22:06:30 CET 2003

email9898989 at <email9898989 at> pisze:

>> Qt for Linux is GPL'd, so nothing prevents you from selling your
>> software for Linux - you do have to provide source code though
>> and can't charge for Qt/PyQt/etc.
> Sorry I wasn't crystal clear.  If you plan to develop commercial
> software on any platform, you have to pay for Qt.  I was trying to
> make their pricing schemes more easy for people to understand.

Don't spread FUD. You don't have to pay for Qt if you distribute it
under GNU Public License. Even commercially. You can earn money for your
software and you have nothing to pay to Trolltech if this is GPL-ed
software. They can say anything, but it's GPL, they just can not impose
such restriction.

I think somebody at FSF should take closer look at statements that can
be found on Trolltech website -- they are misleading at least.

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