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Raymond Hettinger vze4rx4y at
Sun Nov 9 07:55:45 CET 2003

[Raymond Hettinger]
> > If the need has arisen, is the current design sufficient?

[David Eppstein]
> I've certainly been doing some implementations of graph algorithms in
> which the graph vertices represent sets of objects (but I've been
> representing them as bitvectors since I am still running 2.2 and don't
> have yet).

I have added some backwards compatability code so that will run
Python 2.2.  Please give it a test drive:*checkout*/python/python/dist/src/Lib/

> It would be awkward if I couldn't have sets of
> vertices...but I don't see any reason for the sets in these applications
> to ever be mutable, so automatic conversion to immutability doesn't seem
> to be critical.

That was useful feedback.

> For something concrete (that I thought about doing recently but haven't
> actually done): conversion of NFA to DFA and then state minimization of
> the resulting DFA.  The converted DFA's states are sets of states of the
> NFA, and the state minimization involves sets of DFA states.

That would be a perfect way to test drive the sets module.


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