Python versus VB

John J. Lee jjl at
Wed Nov 5 16:48:14 CET 2003

"Frithiof Andreas Jensen" <frithiof.jensen at> writes:

> "Jeff Hinrichs" <jlh at> wrote in message
> news:BUGob.15745$d87.8065 at okepread05...
> Ahem - The point I was trying to make was: It all Depends what you need to
> *do* does it not?
> If, say, all the OP needs to achieve is some massaging of strings between
> one MS-office app, say Access - for example to circumvent that entirely
> stupid and undocumented by MS 1 second minimum time resolution hardcoded
> into Access, and maybe a MS-Word form then certainly it will be easier to
> hack something up with the tools that are already lurking inside the
> platform IMO.

Not if you don't already know about where that stuff lives, and some
minimal amount of VB.  It could well be easier in Python in that case,
as the overhead in boilerplate code is small.


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