Leo + Python: the ultimate scripting tool: gui issues

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at charter.net
Mon Nov 10 22:46:19 CET 2003

I forgot to mention that Leo already has plugins that allow fairly easy
integration with vim, xemacs and word.  Another plugin allows full
customization of Leo's Open With menu.  These plugins aren't perfect, and
they are a real good start.

These plugins were easy to write.  For example, the guts of the xemacs
plugin is:

def open_in_emacs (tag,keywords):
 if top():

Tighter integration with emacs/xemacs would take more work, and it would be
well worth it.  I hope that it will happen soon.  The Aha for me came when I
saw tetris in an xemacs window.  xemacs probably can host Leo and make Leo
look good.  I see hints about "foreign" windows in the emacs docs, and I
haven't followed up on that yet...

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